We only use the finest beans grown by certified Fairtrade Farmers from all over Latin America working towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

We are passionate about Coffee... it's what we do and we genuinely believe that you will not find a better Coffee hit anywhere.

Single or double shot of Fresh Ground Coffee
Espresso with steamed milk, foam on the top with a sprinkling of chocolate
Double shot espresso with steamed milk, always served in an 8oz cup
Espresso topped with just a touch of foam
Espresso simply topped with Hot water, with or without milk
Espresso with steamed milk, milky and smooth
Espresso mixed with Zuma Dark Chocolate, steamed and foamed milk and sprinkled with chocolate for when you just need chocolate  
Espresso served over ice and topped up with milk and a flavour of your choice  
Made just the same but without the caffeine  

A selection of standard and seasonal syrups available.

All made with fresh local milk; Oat and Soya milk alternatives are available.

Brown or White Fairtrade Sugar to taste.